Richard L. Pohl

I am a psychiatrist in an artist's body. I tend to approach things developmentally. My artistic style and vision have evolved over a lifetime, including many years without painting anything, except furniture.

I began painting at fifteen, watercolors of scenes from a family trip. When my mother told me what subjects she thought I should paint, I responded by not picking up a brush for the next forty years and becoming a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist.

Having sufficiently sorted things out, I resumed my painting career in 2002 at Acorn Gallery in Marblehead, Mass. My artistic development evolved further when I broke my right (painting) arm in January, 2010.

After three weeks of inactivity, I decided to paint left-handed, concentrating on color and brushstroke rather than detail. I produced 4 1/2 paintings in this looser "lefty" style.

In my psychiatric practice, I strive to enable patients to reconcile conflicts between past requirements and present needs.

My art is meant to illustrate the relentless passage of time and the transition from old to new. My art, like therapy, is meant to be "a bridge to now".